July 08, 2014

First Post

Well folks, I am starting from scratch once again with the website.  After learning that Purehost would no longer support my old Frontpage2000 software I knew it was time to take on a much procrastinated task of bringing my website up to the modern era.  I dedicated a good month of my time to learning a new interface and was just getting comfortable with the layout when MagentoGo announced that they were throwing in the towel.  Rather than procrastinate the inevitable (and give Magento any more of my business) I am jumping right in, to create my new web presence here with Shopify.  I hope this ecommerce solution offers an easy to use, pleasant shopping experience for my very appreciated and loyal Booty Babe customers.  Thank you for your patience as I work through this transition.  Sincere regards,  Spencer Davis - Booty Babe Art (TM) founder