November 16, 2019

Sale going on November 15th - December 15th 2019

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October 20, 2016

FREE SHIPPING on all orders - 'Till the end of October 2016

*Please remember to use the following promo code at check-out:  FREE-SHIP-2016

Applies to all categories.

Applies to shipping rates up to $80.

Excludes Russia and Brazil.

All other Internationl orders will be shipped via First Class, USPS.  Domestic orders will be shipped via Priority USPS.



November 07, 2015

One trick up my sleeve.. (!)

YES - You heard correctly!  There will be one more Booty Babe style added to the Affordable Statues Collection.   More details to come but they will be AVAILABLE for purchase on Thanksgiving Day (November 26th) 2015.

October 06, 2015

SALE going on now!

..Until the end of October 2015, enjoy 10% off ANYTHING on this website.

*Just be sure to use the promo code:  OCTSALE2015 at checkout.

November 04, 2014

Stuck at Port of Long Beach for a slight delay.

First off:  Thank you all very much for your patience.  Many of you must be wondering, several of you have asked, so here is the latest / but not the greatest news update: Yes, the (freight company) ARRIVAL NOTICE / INVOICE (for the 20' foot shipping container full of Booty Babes) says ETA 10/30/14. So it is in fact parked at the port / harbor in Long Beach, CA at this very moment.  (I just got an email message from the freight company, stating that it will undergo a Customs inspection.) The company that will drive the container from the Port of Long Beach out to my home in Vegas, says it usually takes about 4-5 days (to get things sorted out at the port, load, and drive it out for delivery.) HOWEVER: They have warned (and I have heard this from other sources close to the shipping industry) that there is a shortage of "chassis," available at this time.  It is my understanding that these "chassis" are the truck bed / trailers that carry the 20' foot (or 40' foot) containers out of the harbor so they can be delivered domestically. So this shortage of chassis, which can't keep up with the amount of shipments coming in from overseas, is causing a back-up. That is all the information I have at this time. It is very frustrating to not have this arrive before Designercon (a convention I have coming up next week.) So I requested that my H.K. vendor AIR ship some product to me ahead of time, just so I will have a few cartons to promote and sell at DesignerCon. This small, air, Speedpost delivery cost me around $750 to ship. (So the late shipment is - not only just disappointing, + inconvenient, now add to that costly = not your problem I know..)  Bottom line:  It is looking like I will receive the NEW product mid-November.  Once I have it I will be hitting the ground running, to get you your orders as soon as possible.  Once again. Thank you so much for your patience and support.  All of you, presale customers, backers, supporters, friends and family have been REALLY understanding, and it is much appreciated. Very sincerely, Spencer D.


P.S. Here is an article further explaining the situation at the Port of Long Beach:

September 30, 2014

Presale Promotional Offer: FREE SHIPPING(!) ..during the month of October 2014

Good news:  Most of the new statues are completed and are already boxed up + ready to depart from Hong Kong.  So I am feeling confident about taking the first orders of this NEW product as a presale and I am offering a promotional incentive: FREE SHIPPING DURING THE ENTIRE MONTH OF OCTOBER!  This significant discount applies to all orders placed between October 1st - October 31st 2014.  (After that normal shipping rates will resume.)  To take advantage of this promotional offer, use Promo Code: BBA4OCT at checkout.  And as "presale" suggests, these orders will be shipped out some time in November. So please take a look! Feel free to browse -  I've just posted pics of the new stuff in the "Affordable Statues" section!

July 25, 2014

Kickstarter statues > In case you haven't heard

In January of this year  I completed a successful Kickstarter campaign.  The NEW statues that I am producing are now scheduled to be available in September (maybe early October.)  Please follow this link for more info about what to expect:

July 08, 2014

First Post

Well folks, I am starting from scratch once again with the website.  After learning that Purehost would no longer support my old Frontpage2000 software I knew it was time to take on a much procrastinated task of bringing my website up to the modern era.  I dedicated a good month of my time to learning a new interface and was just getting comfortable with the layout when MagentoGo announced that they were throwing in the towel.  Rather than procrastinate the inevitable (and give Magento any more of my business) I am jumping right in, to create my new web presence here with Shopify.  I hope this ecommerce solution offers an easy to use, pleasant shopping experience for my very appreciated and loyal Booty Babe customers.  Thank you for your patience as I work through this transition.  Sincere regards,  Spencer Davis - Booty Babe Art (TM) founder