Q#1: How much for Custom work?  Can you make a Custom doll that looks like me (or my wife) and how much would that cost?

(This is BY FAR the most frequently asked question.)

A1:  (I am not taking Custom requests at this time.)  For future reference: Custom pieces don't comprise of entirely new sculpting.  (When I do accept requests) I will utilize my existing Booty Babe chassis and repaint, redress, and I have a limited number of hairstyles that I can choose from; essentially a box of doll heads that I can scalp, to match the hair as closely as possible.   For this service, it will cost close to $400 + insured shipping.

A2:  It would cost about $1,300 for me to sculpt a unique 1:6 scale face, make a mold of that, and apply it to one of the existing Booty Babe chassis and paint that to look like you.  Why so much..for a doll?  Because it would take a good part of three weeks, of my dedicated time to complete.  And the materials are quite expensive.


Q#2:  "Can I use your logo on my website, T-shirt, etc??"


A:  No. Unless otherwise noted,  I am the Intellectual Property Owner and Copyright Owner of all images, photographs and or graphic representations (Content) found on this website - Yes, that means the silhouette logo too. (The logo is a large part of the brand identity that I have worked very hard to create over more than a decade now.)  "Booty Babes," "Booty Babe Art" and "Booty Babe Vinyl," in words and as a graphic design, are Trademarks, Registered through The United States Patent and Trademark Office.  If you would like to purchase licensing rights and negotiate a royalty agreement, feel free to contact me.   If you would like to use my images without permission,  to sell your own products / services, then you will likely be hearing from my corporate attorney.


Q#3:  "I noticed that you are out of the one called  'Milk  Chocolate.'  When will you be making more?

A:  The styles found in the "Affordable Statues" category of this website are limited edition.  That means that they were created in limited quantities and are not going to be re-issued as cold-cast porcelain statues.  Some of the newer styles were produced in quite small quantities so -  if you REALLY like a particular style, I recommend you get 'em while you can, 'cause when they're gone, they're gone!  And prices will only go up-up-up!


Q#4: "So, how is "BOOTY BABE VINYL" different from "BOOTY BABE ART" ..??

A: Honestly, on a purely visual basis, they look very similar; The vinyl figures were made with the same attention to details. They are about the same size. The VINYL figurines all have rooted doll hair and some feature soft-goods clothing.  The biggest differences are reflected in the manufacturing processes and the weight:         

Classic BOOTY BABE Art statues are hand-cast with a solid porcelain / resin material, which makes them significantly heavier. BBA statues are made with silicone molds.  This type of soft tooling only produces about 50 statues before it can no longer be used.  (I make use of this fact by preparing some with larger breasts and some with sculpted details like the corset on "Discipline" and sutures on "Franken Babe.")  When the cold-cast porcelain Booty Babe Art statues come out of the two-part, silicone molds they invariably have flashing or parting lines which needs to be sanded smooth and primed for painting.  The porcelain/resin material of BBA has no color, so the entire figure must then be hand painted.

BABE Vinyl figurines on the other hand are roto-molded, usually with nickel or copper tooling and spun in a machine that is sort of like a centrifuge, with molten vinyl material. The up-front cost of tooling is more expensive but once the tooling is made - virtually all styles can be made from the same molds.  The process yields a hollow result with no parting lines as the parts are pulled from the molds through a relatively small hole, while the material is still warm and soft.  The vinyl figurine (parts) are cast in the skin color of the figure, so only the small details like eye brows and lips need to be painted.  There is significantly less work involved and the materials are not as costly, therefore the prices are lower.


Q#5:  "So, who was your model for these things!? - LOL"

A:  Short answer:  She exists only in my mind.  For the basic poses and sculpting - I draw inspiration from many sources to create an individual sculpt.  My wife plays a very  important role as a willing participant in the process.  I also take references from fashion magazines, adult webpages and magazines, classic pin-up art, and contemporary illustrators.  That is to say, one particular model might have a great pair of thighs while I'm inspired by the way a certain comic book artist draws ankles...  I take all of these references and cobble them together to create something new.


Q#6:  I would love to start a collection of Booty Babes but where would I put them?

A:  IKEA sells a glass cabinet for about $65 bucks. I believe it is called the "Detolf." (Google IMAGE search)  You can store about 16 statues in them!


Q#7:  I purchased the "Room Service" babe some years ago.  I was wondering, do you make Custom clothes for people who already own a Booty Babe like myself... I was thinking of a light blue mini skirt to match or any suggestions?

A:  I'm afraid I do not take requests for custom clothes ..  Sewing is my Kryptonite! (New Year's Resolution) = Learn to use a sewing machine!) What I suggest:  Go to TARGET.  Get over the embarrassment of being in the women's section (if you're a straight guy) and find the stockings, a.k.a. panty hose.  They are SUPER stretchy and come in all sorts of colors.  Pick out an XS pair in the color that suits your fancy. Now tuck it between the peanut M&M's and the Star Wars ACTION FIGURE that you plan to buy and proceed to the check-out.  When you get home, find the most narrow section of the stockings; the ankles.  Cut a straight, approximately two inch wide band.  Congrats - you have just made a mini-skirt or a tube top for your "Room Service," customized by YOU.


Thanks for reading the Frequently Asked Questions page!




Spencer Davis